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Mehndi (pronounced hen-di) is the art of decorating one’s hands, feet or body with a paste made from powdered leaves of the henna plant (Lawsonia inermis). The resulting stain is usually a dark cherry red to rusty brown color and can vary depending on how long it is left on. It was first used in the Middle East and North Africa over 5,000 years ago for artistic, ritual and ceremonial use. Archeologists have even found mummies with mehndi on their hands. Mhandee is now widespread in India and many other parts of the world.

Henna is considered a symbol of auspiciousness, especially at weddings. For a bride, it is a must-have for the special day and is a great way to welcome the new phase in her life with her husband and family.

Traditionally, a Mehendi ceremony takes place the day before the bride’s wedding. The Mehendi paste is applied in intricate patterns on the hands and feet. The bride sits and relaxes for the duration of the process, listening to prenuptial advice from her friends and family members.

The Mehendi ceremony is a great time for the bride to spend time with her mother and sisters, bonding over their love for her and their excitement for her new life. It is also a time for the bride to reflect on her own blessings and happiness as she looks forward to her wedding day and the start of her new life with her husband.