Moon168 – An International Consortium For Lunar Economic Development

The Moon’s orbit is a natural habitat for humanity and other life in the solar system. It is also a strategic place for space development. Such enterprises could benefit the world in many ways, including clean abundant energy, step! ing the evolution of the human mind in unique ways, and colonizing offworld worlds.

The emergence of an international consortium for lunar economic development is a promising step in this direction. Such an enterprise could take advantage of the Moon’s resources and develop a variety of spin-off technologies with terrestrial as well as in-space applications.

Besides the usual space technology and engineering, such an enterprise would require specialized expertise in a number of fields. For example, it would need to deal with the social and psychological impacts of offworld living on humans. This includes culture shock, overview effect and re-entry problems. Research in these areas should be conducted in a wide range of environments, both in orbit and on the ground.

In the near future, the launching of large space vehicles will provide the means to explore the Moon and other destinations in our solar system. This will require specialized expertise in the areas of space transportation, material processing, and life science experiments. Moreover, these efforts will need to be coordinated among nations and private companies. Hence, moon168 is important that such experts are trained in a broad range of disciplines. Ideally, this training should be carried out in the form of internships in a variety of institutions. moon 168 will help to foster a greater sense of ownership by the public for a new generation of space development activities. This will be the key to achieving a peaceful and prosperous future in outer space.